Would you like to know a few of my favourite things here in Sydney?

Would you like to know a few of my favourite things here in Sydney?

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Today I wanted to tell you about some of my favourite things to do (and one that I am going to do soon) with the family in Sydney. There are so many fabulous things to do in Sydney, and I will definitely bring some more to you in the coming months, but for now here are just a few:



1. Pram Walk - Grand Drive Circuit - Centennial Park


Having two kids under the age of 2 was very challenging, one kid needed sleep, the other wanted to play and walk (but not for too long). Coffee shops and playgrounds combined with some walking were the necessary combination for those days and the pram walks at Centennial Park were just perfect! As many of you will already know, Centennial Park is a beautiful place to spend your time no matter the age group. There is so much to see and do there, playgrounds, walking tracks, nature, ducks and a range of different places to eat and drink. Now that the kids are 2 and 4 we still love coming back to run around, ride scooters, relax with a picnic or meet up with other families - this is a fabulous Sydney favourite!


Check it out on #thefamlyapp under Pram Walk.



2. Naturopathy/ Female Health Specialist Larissa McBride


I’d like to give one massive shout out to Larissa McBride. Larissa’s business was one of the first that agreed to work together with us on “famly”. Thank you, Larissa, for your trust in an idea that only existed in our brains when we first embarked on this journey.


I would really like to recommend Larissa to anyone who has health and wellbeing issues. Larissa is a naturopath, clinical nutritionist, herbalist and pregnancy massage therapist who specialises in women’s health and particularly in fertility and pregnancy. Larissa has an empathy that is mind-blowing, she is caring and she is super kind. So for anyone out there who needs help I really hope you will reach out to Larissa.


You can find Larissa on #thefamlyapp under Naturopath.



3. Sydney Observatory Night Tours


The Sydney Observatory Night Tours can be booked on #thefamlyapp as well. Prices vary and if you can manage to go during the week - you will find a bargain. This is a one of a kind of experience. Having made Australia my home only 6 years ago, looking at the stars and gazing into the universe makes me feel so little and yet also somehow connected with my family overseas. It’s a magical feeling to be so far away and yet feel so connected. I love love love this place and all the questions that my kids ask me when we are there - all the questions that I should, of course have the answers to like “why are there so many, what are they called, why don't we see them at home......" hahaha, so much to learn and explore.


You can find the Night Tours on #thefamlyapp under Observatory.



4. Dreamtime Southern X


This Dreamtime tour of Sydney is still on our bucket list. I am looking forward to doing this one in September when my parents are visiting from overseas. Before coming to Australia I didn’t know much about Indigenous Australians. Since then I have read a number of books about Dreamtime and I have become fascinated with the rich history and complex culture of these people.


Dreamtime Southern X offers a wonderful opportunity to learn first hand about Sydney’s Dreamtime and about the places and spaces of significance to Aboriginal culture. My parents will love this experience and I am looking forward to exploring Sydney with them in this unique way. This will be a one of a kind memory for my parents, my children and me.


You can find this Dreamtime Tour on #thefamlyapp under Southern X or Dreamtime.



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